Angelino’s, Sausalito

We sporadically decided to drive over to Sausalito and the area reminded us a bit of New England with the boats in the water at the docks. We walked along the water and enjoyed the picturesque view. After stumbling upon The Art of Dr. Suess, we enjoyed the sketches, sculptures and paintings from Dr. Suess and artists inspired by his work.



After searching for a restaurant by or across the water, we decided to sit outside Angelino’s and order a 2006 bottle of  zinfandel from Fava Brothers Vineyard, Russian River Valley. A glass would be $11, but the bottle was $45 bottle. We noticed the bottle of wine is $15 bottle online and plan on loading up.



To start we had the Insalata Romana Alla Cesare for$8.00 and it was as simple as it gets. Sometimes romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, garlic croutons and pecorino cheese, is all you need, however Zuni Cafe‘s Caesar salad is a caesar that has raised the bar for other caesars.


We shared a Pizza Bianca with mozzarella and wild mushrooms for $16.95. The thin crust with the cheese and earthy mushroom were a nice combination and we were happy. We would definitely try the ravioli’s next time.


our server was very friendly and the restaurant was packed inside with both locals and tourists. We would try Angelino’s again for the pastas and other pizzas.


Angelino Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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