Don Pistos, North Beach, San Francisco

In the North Beach area there are a few places for tacos or Mexican, and Don Pistos is the place to go. The restaurant is unmarked and the way to know which one is Don Pistos is either a crowd around the door or the red lights coloring the window.


The restaurant is always busy on weekends for brunch and for dinner, as they take no reservations, expect to wait.

_MG_4567On a busy Saturday evening, we waited for a seat at the bar for 40 minutes.On a quite weeknight, we sat after 15 minutes of waiting. The bartender and staff are exceptionally friendly, they are hustlers and were impressed by how much urgency they had to get everyone seated and fed.


The kitchen was lively and pumplng some tasty looking food and sometimes smokey.

_MG_4568The best dish we enjoyed that evening and what we would return for is the Breakfast Burrito chorizo, queso oaxaca, eggs, salsa fresca and sliced avocado for $8.00. Don Pisto’s Breakfast Burrito was one of the best ones we have ever eaten. The filling just had  a nice combination and was super delicious and easy to eat.

The Huevos Rancheros crispy tortillas, refritos, eggs sunny side up, and pico de gallo was super tasty and we enjoyed the perfectly sunny egg for $9.00. The side of crispy, well seasoned potatoes were hard to not finish up and we wanted more. We would reorder this dish specifically for the potatoes.

There were several items which were out including the Carnitas, so we chose to try the Tacos Al Pastor (not pictured). The  grilled rib chop, charred pineapple for $9.00. The meat was a bit salty, but well done and contrasted the sweet pineapple well. 

Since this review, our friends tried other tacos which were just ok, and we have sampled the Chips & Guacamole for $6.00 and sashimi special, those were definitely yummy and order worthy.

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