Bar Tartine, The Mission, San Francisco

After sharing  bottle of Austrian red wine at Etc. Etc. Wine Bar we stopped by Bar Tartine, a Eastern European influenced (pickled herring, dumplings etc.) restaurant we have been meaning to try since we are fans of Tartine Bakery.


The lighting was low, the bar and restaurant was fully packed and seats were closely packed together.


We enjoyed the Asian pear soda for $5 and a few dining companions enjoyed some draft beers.


One of the real reasons to go to Bar Tartine is to enjoy the fresh, crusty and soft on the inside bread from Tartine Bakery. Slathered with butter, you could eat this bread and call it a day.


Our servers suggested we try a Langos potato flat bread. The potato flat bread had bits of dill with garlic and sour cream  and was tasty for $13.


The must order dish which we ordered two was the smoked potatoes with ramp mayonnaise for $9. The perfect balance of the earthy soft potatoes with a nicely seasoned skin went well with the green onions and herbs on top. The ramp mayonnaise is off the chain. This made the dish elevated to a whole new level. Give us more!


Although the roasted chicken was tender, it was not memorable for $27. You could make this chicken at home for a fraction of the cost.


Another dish that was good, that is not memorable is the farmer cheese dumpling, which was soft and tender for $14.


The $9 Turó cheesecake with carrots and sunflower seeds was more savory that a sweet dessert, we should have gone for the chocolate dessert.



Was this a worthwhile meal? We would come back for the smoked potatoes and bread. Essentially would be back for the carbs portion!Bar Tartine on Urbanspoon

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