Craftsman and Wolves Revisited, Mission, San Francisco

Craftsman and Wolves is the type of space you want to go to impress someone with a special ambiance and a bit of whimsy and creativity. We returned to C&W  (BMH’s review of Craftsman and Wolves) on afternoon for a quick snack.


Per usual, C&W was quite busy, folks were enjoying afternoon tea and a lot of the items (cakes and pastries) were already sold out! _MG_4580

We decided to try the Matcha coconut travel cake for $3.50, the pain au cochon for $3.75 and seasonal pâte de fruit for 85 cents each. The coconut travel case had the consistency of pound cake and had a light green tea flavor. The sweet coconut shavings was a nice touch.

The pain au cochon was a flakey, buttery croissant with a layer of thinly sliced ham and a bit of cheese. This was an amazing croissant and would highly suggest this pastry for croissant and bacon lovers.

Finally, the passion fruit and raspberry had a nice intensity of flavor, sweet and tart. These were lovely. Of the items we sampled, the pain au cochon and pate de fruits are must gets. _MG_4578

As an after thought and in search for something savory, we ordered three deviled eggs, with chorizo marmalade. This took way to long to arrive and we grew impatient. The chilled eggs had a smooth yolk center and the chorizo marmalade offered a savory and sweet contrast, however not worth the long wait.
_MG_4581We plan on returning to Craftsman and Wolves to sample their delecatable and artful cakes next and perhaps a fougasse.


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