Frjtz, Mission, San Francisco

We decided to head to the Mission and try out Frjtz for some Belgian fries, sauces and dinner. There is an option to order online visa desktop or smartphone. We are a huge fan of fries and have enjoyed them at Pommes Frites, Friterie Tabora and Saus (BMH’s review of Pommes Frites, New YorkFriterie Tabora, Brussels and Saus, Boston).


The decor at Frjtz is a bit eclectic, the wall paper and art was very funky there are elements that are of a club (the lounge chairs) and coffee shop. _MG_4588

We were so overwhelmed by the variety of dressings and sauces to try with the fries. Some we were interested in included Pesto mayo, Parmesan peppercorn ranch, Bacon mayo, Balsamic mayo and roasted pepper mayo to name a few. A large frites include a choice of two dips and we chose Creamy Wasabi mayo and Grilled eggplant mayo. We still wanted to try Miso Mayo so paid more for another sauce and got regular mayo for free.

Surprisingly, our favorite sauce was traditional mayo. All the bells and whistles of a hint of wasabi, a hint of eggplant and even the miso mayo (inspired by Mei Mei Street Kitchen’s miso mayo with tempura battered fiddleheads) just didn’t hit the mark. Plain mayo was the best.


We ordered the Large Frjtz for $5.25 and these fries were out of this world. The thick cut fries were nicely seasoned, crisp on the outside and perfectly tender in the center. Compared to Pomme Frites, Pomme Frites has better sauces and Frjtz has better fries.


Although we sampled other sandwiches including burger, steak sandwich and waffles, the fries was the best of all the dishes. The Frjtz Burger was a 6 ounce burger pattie, served with caramelized red onions, chipotle remoulade, lettuce and tomato, and a ginger-hoisin coleslaw for $9.50. We ordered a slice of cheddar on top as well, but was not added at first and we had to remind the friendly counter guys to add the burger.

The burger itself was juicy and despite all the add ins and ingredients, there was something still missing. Perhaps it was the burger flavor itself or that we have had some really solid burgers and this was not a more memorable one.


We sampled the Degas grilled steak, bell peppers, caramelized onions. cheddar cheese, chipotle remoulade, cilantro and green onions on a baguette for $12.25. Although the steak was juicy and well prepared, all the other accoutrements overwhelmed the steak. It was just too much “stuff”.


Finally, for dessert we decided on the Belgica which had caramelized apples, toasted almonds, whipped cream and caramel for $8.50. It was good, but at that point we were just too full and couldn’t appreciate the combination of warm apples and caramel goodness. _MG_4599

We would return for Frjtz for the fantastically well done fries, the main focus and the specialty of the house. The kitchen prepared alot of take out orders and fries, and customers got it right, stick with the fries, and its perfectly fine to indulge in some fried goodness at home.

Frjtz Valencia on Urbanspoon

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