Swensen’s, Russian Hill, San Francisco

In 1948, Swensen’s originated in SF at corner of Union & Hyde in San Francisco. The ice cream shop has a variety of 180 flavors of ice cream and currently 300 Swensen’s ice cream outlets worldwide, including CA, FL, MN, TX, NV, Ho Chi Minh, China and Thailand.


At the entrance of the ice cream shop we noticed the free buckets sign and seriously considered picking up a few for a random bucket need.

We loved the old time feel and sampled a variety of flavors including cantaloupe, lemon and orange sherbert. Each of the sherberts had a vibrant flavor.


The rich and creamy ice creams we sampled included Thin mint, Bing cherry and Swiss orange chip. The most unique was the chocolate orange combination, very delicious and sophisticated._MG_4452

The most exciting part of our visit was the water bubbler which reminded us of the ones in our schools. Nostalgia._MG_4453

We ended up ordering a cup of orange sherbert because we were in a old school frame of mind and the flavor reminded us of Flintstone push pops. It was very smooth and had a burst of orange flavor. We also decided on a thin mint hot fudge sundae with the works, sprinkles, nuts, hot fudge, whip cream and a cherry on top._MG_4456

Given the ice cream shop has no seating, we grabbed a few of the buckets and sat down to enjoy our sweet treats. Surprisingly other patrons followed suite and we started a bucket seating trend. We even joked we should have grabbed all the buckets and started charging 25 cents for seating.
IMG_4460 Swensen's Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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