Cafe Bunn Mi, Inner Richmond, San Francisco

A dear friend mentioned on several occasion how much she loves Cafe Bunn Mi. She and her husband recently moved to Inner Richmond and mentioned Cafe Bunn Mi was one of their favorites. Located at Clement and 5th, the Vietnamese sandwich shop is near flower shops, Asian supermarkets and Green Apple Books.

We have sampled many banh mi sandwiches in SF, but none have claimed our hearts and loyalty. Lee’s is a great quick lunch fix, OTD is good, but pricey, Saigon Sandwich  is solid for traditional sandwiches, or there is a more modern takes such as Bun Mee and the luxurious pork belly banh mi  at Rock Paper Scissors.

Bunn Mi serves pho, rice plates, imperial rolls and Viet sandwiches and we believe makes authentic Vietnamese in a casual, clean, Westerner-friendly atmosphere. The staff are young, hipstery Asians who speak perfect English.


We want to share a little secret, on days when one is not wanting noodles, feeling under (germ-based illness or alcohol induced illness) or just craving broth, one can request just broth for half or a third of the pho price. We ordered the Chicken Noodle Soup Pho for $3.00 and the broth was aromatic, warming and with bits of cilantro and slivers of fresh onion. Exactly what we wanted.


We ordered the grilled pork sandwich for $4.00. The freshly baked house-made bread was fresh and the right vehicle for all the ingredients. The tender, marinated grilled pork was nicely charred and went well with the pickeld carrots, fresh cilantro and slices of jalapeno. The sandwich was so good and although we enjoyed half, wanted to polish off the rest.

Cafe Bunn Mi is clean, great space with a touch of authenticity. The food has the flavors from childhood and they know what they are doing. Hands down one of the best pho broth and Viet sandwiches in SF.

We would return to try the Garlic French Fries for $3.00, Mojito Style Lemonade non-alcoholic for $3.00 and Lemongrass Steak sandwich for $5.00.

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