Vinh Sun BBQ Restaurant, Chinatown, Boston

We extended Lunar New Year and got together with the family for a lunch in Chinatown. Our standard favorite, Hong Kong Eatery was just too busy and we grew hungry and impatient.

Our father decided on going to Vinh Sun, Hong Kong Eatery’s competitor. He said they have similar menus, the restaurant is more spacious, but slightly more expense. However, they do take credit cards unlike HKE.

We enjoyed the smokier black tea and let our father decide on the items to order. The first dish that came out was the Eight delight chow mein noodles with squid, beef, shrimp, baby corn and carrots. All the ingredients were perfectly cooked, noodles nice and crispy and the gravy brought the elements together.


Per tradition, father ordered a Spicy Salt Squid and the calamari was chewy, yet tender and had the right level of crunch and saltiness.

A personal request was Pork Chop Spicy Salty Dry Fried for $9.95. The tender pork was coated with spicy salt and nicely seasoned.


Our father exclaimed “Ooh, they have hot pot here!” So he ordered one with Fillet Steak, ginger, scallion and onions with black pepper sauce for $14.95.  The tender beef balanced the green and yellow onion. Delicious and went well with the chow mein noodles.


Finally, we enjoyed Me pa tofu, fried tofu rounds which were served with oyster sauce. The soft, silky tofu on the inside went well with the crispy exterior.



Overall, our meal at Vinh sun was solid, great dishes, well seasoned, well executed and delicious. There is something to be said for nostalgia and Vinh Sun is a great substitute for Hong Kong Eatery, when HKE is crowded.Vinh Sun BBQ Restaurant LLC on Urbanspoon

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