Gather, Berkeley

Our colleague mentioned she wanted to visit Gather and we were unanimously interested. The space itself is very interesting, vines hanging in front of the open kitchen and nets from the high ceiling.

_MG_4905_MG_4912We were accidentally served another table’s warm Kale Salad with carrots, pine-nuts, capers, Fiscalini cheese (v, gf) for $11. We would definitely try this one time.


We enjoyed the Local Lettuces salad with beets, citrus, pistachio, burnt honey vinaigrette, fine herbs (v, gf) for $11. The combination of the sweetness from the red beets and honey along with the citrus was lovely and we loved the texture of the pistachio. This was a solid salad and would order this again. Our only suggestion was more slices of beets and citrus, because we split one slices of beet and citrus amongst three people!


We deeply enjoyed the Nettle, Ricotta, Etna peppers, Meyer lemon, mint, Lucques olive pizza for $18. The crust was very decorative and shape provided an element of texture. The balance of the ingredients were delicious and we found ourselves having no problem polishing off and wanting to split the final slices.


Next time we return to Gather (and we will) we will order the egg,  bacon, caramelized onions, oregano pizza for $18 and the Yellow Foot Mushroom Scramble with melted leeks, nettles, thyme, toast (gf) for $14.

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