Cream, Berkeley

Cream is an ingenious idea and should be in every city and suburb with ice cream fanatics. CREAM or Cookies Rule Everything Around Me is a custom ice cream sandwich joint. Open most days until midnight and weekends until 2am, the shop is never empty and there is always a line outside the door and around the block. No joke.


We tried in the afternoon, waited 15 to 20 minutes and then had to make our other plans. We returned in the early evening, but the line was the same length as the afternoon! _MG_4917

The cost of these beauts are $2.00 per ice cream sandwich paid in cash $2.50 credit card and if you check in for the first time on Foursquare and purchase $6.00 worth of products, one gets a free cookie. We chose a free Carnival (m&m) cookie which was buttery and delish. Single cookies are $.65, two are a $1.25.


Our friend enjoyed two different cookies chocolate chip and double chocolate with Salted Caramel ice cream._MG_4924

Our friends enjoyed White Chocolate Macademia Nut and double Chocolate Chip with It’s a Goody ice cream. They were pro ice cream eaters because they demolished the hearty sized cookie sandwich with no problem. We ate 1/2 and had to call it quits.


The Chocolate Chip with Soy Cherry chocolate chip sandwich was unbelievable. The cookies super fresh and still warm. The soy cherry chocolate chip (which one can find at Trader Joe’s) was filled with bits of cherry, chunks of chocolate were yum and only $2.00.


Next time, we wait in line at Cream, we will try the Golden Gate Caramel Swirl, Matcha Green Tea and White Pistachio ice cream and Turtle, Snickerdoodle and Capucchino cookies.

Apparently Cream has a secret menu including on Taco Tuesday, there is Ice cream taco, which is available in three half scoops plus one topping ($3.50) or three full scoops and one topping ($6.50). There are also mini ice cream sandwiches ($1.50), Ice cream cone sandwiches ($3) and Ice cream freezes made with soda instead of milk ($6). We plan on visiting again.

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