Borobudur Restaurant, Tenderloin, San Francisco

Of all the cuisines we have not yet tried, Indonesian is one of them. Our friend craved Indonesdian and Borobudur Restaurant was our place. There are few Indo restaurants in SF and it was solid Indonesian food, with a kick of spice, curry and shrimp paste. Borobudur is a Mahayana Buddhist Temple in Indonesia. According to our friend, is the second most visited destination in Indonesia to Bali.


The restaurant filled up quickly on a Sunday evening and we had a reservation. We got our parking garage ticket on hand to get validated for an hour. We started with the Roti Prata for $7.50. Who doesn’t love fried bread, but the pan fried layered bread served with curry dipping sauce was so crisp and the curry so flavorful. Must get again._MG_5351Our dining companions enjoyed their Kari Udang for $14.50. The shrimp was perfectly cooked and vegetables in coconut curry sauce. They seemed pleased._MG_5353

Our friend who has lived in Indonesia for three months love Indonesiia’s signature dish of Rendang for $12.95. The Sumatra beef stew cooked with spices in coconut milk sauce was tender, had layered flavors and delicious with rice._MG_5355
The Sate Ayam came with five skewers for $9.95. The grilled marinated chicken on skewers was very tender and was served with a thick sweet and rich peanut sauce.

As a drink/dessert we enjoyed a Es Kelapa Muda drink fresh young coconut with ice and syrup for $4.50. The drink was refreshing and a great way to cool off from the Indonesian spice and heat._MG_5358Our favorite dish was the Nasi Goreng Indonesian fried rice with egg, onion, & choice of: Chicken (not pictured) for $9.50. The kick from the curry flavored rice and vegetables was a nice combination. We would get this again. Our server was friendly, but there is a delay in getting the bill or raising the flag for an extra something. There were only two servers overseeing the entire restaurant, so we feel it was a function of busy service and staff running hard. We would definitely recommend Borobudur for Indonesian.

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