California Coast Highway 1

On our road trip down Highway 1, we stopped by Pacifica and the Taco Bell. Seriously, this is one of the best Taco Bells in the world. _MG_5105

It doesn’t look like a typical TB, but a beach shack. There is a walk up window for sandy surfers. The view is breathtaking. There were surfers, surf lesson and a great view of California. _MG_5106 _MG_5122

Pigeon’s Point, another must stop. Crazy views. CRAZY._MG_5152 _MG_5167

Monterrey to recharge our photos for GPS with Starbucks caffeine, tea and wifi, and of course the sea lions._MG_5201

Pfeiffer’s Beach is a secret little cove. The unmarked highway signage is even more special._MG_5225 _MG_5240 _MG_5265 _MG_5280We can not wait to camp and drive the coast again. A one day road trip whet the appetite.

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