Swanton Berry Farms, Davenport, California

Along our drive, we noticed signs for strawberry picking, pumpkin picking, pies and decided the next signage we would stop. We stopped at Swanton Berry Farms, and boy were we delighted. Swanton also had Slowcoast Seaglass, a fun store and friendly folks.


We were looking in search for a slice of pie, however, there were scones and whole pies. Darn. However the blackberry and strawberry scones for $4 looked scrumptious._MG_5182

The pies were $20 each for a whole pie and we were tempted, but didn’t think we could polish off a whole pie among two people. Maybe we were wrong._MG_5183

Other options included Boysenberry or Strawberry Cheesecake for $4. We were tempted._MG_5184

We did however go for the Boysenberry lemonade for $1. It was tart, sweet and very refreshing._MG_5185


Swanton Berry is very cheerful, playful and a great space. The common area has board games, fun signage and holds many vintage treasures.  _MG_5186 _MG_5187 _MG_5188 _MG_5189

One of the most delightful fascets is the honor system based paying. There is a clerk to ask questions about their products, but love the cash based honor payment. Truly admirable and reminds of the trust and goodness inside us all._MG_5190

We loved sampling the jams and would definitely get boysenberry and raspberry as a gift._MG_5181 _MG_5194

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