The Curtis DoubleTree Hotel, Denver

The Curtis DoubleTree Hotel was in the heart of downtown Denver and right near the Convention Center. 

_MG_5402 _MG_5407 _MG_5405 _MG_5406

The lobby is whimsical, full of toys and games. Each floor is movie or tv themed. _MG_5411 _MG_5412 _MG_5413

One of our favorite features of The Curtis is the cookies upon check out and we enjoyed one with the Wall Street Journal._MG_5414 _MG_5409

The candy cigarettes and vintage toys were fun to look at and feel nostalgic about._MG_5410Although the room was well equipped, bed was comfortable, the valet was another situation. We valeted our car for $28 overnight and the car was parked at neighboring lots next to the hotel, not in the hotel, so wait time is 15-20 minutes. There is the feature to text in advance of when you want your car is ready, however when we did so the car wasn’t ready for us. In fact, there was a Mary Kay Convention and hundreds of women were trying to get their cars too. The frustrating aspect of waiting was seeing that our keys were still not prioritized even after being listed as HOT and we waited an hour. Ultimately in the end we were comped the fee and we got a  snack at the hotel restaurant gratis, but we did end up being very late for a dinner. Our stay at The Curtis was fun until the valet issues. Whenever there are conventions or an influx we would suggest anticipating such a rush with more staffing!_MG_5399

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