Candybar, Hayes Valley, San Francisco

We love desserteries and Candybar in Hayes Valley, is our type of place. It is an adorable space and we loved the neon lights.

The dessert shop and bar was low lit, had fun art on the walls and a whimsical chandelier. 

We loved the cubbies full of books and classic board games including Sorry, Uno and Battleship. Sounds like a great weekend evening “in”.

We enjoyed a  Jasmine Sparkle with sparkling wine, jasmine, lemon for $8. It was light, effervescent and floral.

The Lavender Honey Creme Fraiche Semifreddo Nutella Powder with Almond Brittle and  Cantaloupe for $9 was light, nutty and sweet. The dessert seemed very one note and we didn’t find it highly memorable.

Our favorite dessert was Peanut Butter Jelly Time! The chocolate Tart with peanut butter cream, salted candied peanuts  and blackberries for $9 was a sophisticated take on childhood nostagia. No Jiffy, Skippy and Smuckers here. It was the right combination of tangy, sweet and salty.

We would be back for the Passion Fruit Chocolate Mousse Cookie Crumble, Passion Fruit Gelee and Coffee Ice Cream dessert next time.

Candybar on Urbanspoon

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