HRD’s Smokin Grill, North Beach, San Francisco

HRD‘s Smokin Grill is an awesome Asian Fusion  diner that has Southern bbq decor. Owners JoJo and David Yeung created mostly Korean inspired sandwiches, rice bowls and burritos. HRD was featured on the Food Network and the secrets the spicy Korean bbq marinade.


HRD features so many items we want to try including the Mongolian cheese steak, Bibimbap, Sweet Chili Fried Chicken and Fried pork chop. We noticed the specials Spicy pork cheesy fries and Sweet and spicy fried chicken wings with fries sounded killer.


The spicy pork burrito had kimchee, Korean bbq pork, spouts, bits of  kiwi surrounded by rice. The combination was so filling and half was definitely perfect for a snack.



We had to try the Sweet chili pork chops with fries and instead of the slaw, we asked for the curry mash potatoes. Those potatoes were tasty. The pork chops were nicely marinated, tender and the spicy chili crust was crispy, spicy sweet and tasty. Really unique and a must get.IMG_3245

HRD's Smokin Grill on Urbanspoon

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