Sorellina Revisited, Back Bay, Boston

If you are looking to celebrate with a special splurge, Sorellina’s modern and sophisticated Italian restaurant has great ambiance and good food. We love the tree motif in the dining room and plates. The last time we were at Sorellina, we enjoyed the Maccheroncelli, American Wagyu beef meatballs, Montepulciano sauce and Parmigiano.


The bread was nice and warm, soft on the inside and we loved the combination of olive oil and soft butter.

We kicked off with the Hand-cut truffled fries with Parmigiano for $12 first. The cone was filled with crispy fries on the outside and delicious, but saved some for the filet. _MG_6121

The pillowly potato gnocchi with fresh Maine lobster and of course Vermont butter was unbelievably rich and decadent. Surpremely delicious for $26 and we sopped up the lobster butter sauce clean with the bread._MG_6124

The 8 ounce filet with beech mushrooms, whipped potatoes and Montepulciano sauce for $40 was perfectly cooked and was very tender. _MG_6125

Overall, all the dishes we had at Sorellina made us happy, our service was solid and the ambiance was sleek. Definitely a win for the celebration. Sorellina on Urbanspoon

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