Rich Table, Western Addition, San Francisco

We have had Rich Table on our list for some time.  The  James Beard 2013 semi-finalist is located in a quiet neighborhood. The dim lighting, impeccable service and delicious pastas are worth the nomination.


The open kitchen, communal tables and intimate areas for two are simple, no frills, but in addition to the great pastas, the service was just so thoughtful, well timed and very informed._MG_8548

The got an overview of the menu which features bites, pasta and mains and we had to start off with the wild fennel Levain bread with house cultured butter for $4. The soft center and crusty exterior was lovely with the soft, airy butter. The fennel flavor was a great contrast to the creaminess of the butter.


We also ordered the dried porcini doughnuts with raclette for $7. Savory beignets with intense mushroom powder (instead of powdered sugar) with creamy cheese. This is a must get. So addictive and quite special._MG_8537

In addition to the bread and doughnut carb load, we enjoyed a $ 3 tasting (vs $6 pint) of Hibiscus Saison from Pac Brew Labs. The saison was a nice way to cut the fried dough and butter._MG_8536
We were deeply impressed by the perfectly aldente pappardelle, dry aged beef, broccoli and mint for $18.  The broccoli was like a kale chip, and offered a nice texture. The creamy beef flavor with  mint chiffonade was unbelievably well matched and this is one of the best pasta dishes ever eaten. We sopped the remaining sauce with the remaining scraps of fennel bread.


The Tajarin pasta was thin and dainty with thin tomato gravy, pickled eggplant and basil for $17. This is the best version of an adult Spaghetti-Ohs. We have never had a pasta dish like this before. The flavor was slightly acidic, bright, fresh from the basil and loved the punch from the pickled eggplant.


For dessert, we decided to try the blue corn cake with honey-griddled plums and vanilla ice cream for $9. The corn muffin went well with the sweet plums and was an enjoyable way to end our meal. _MG_8546

We would return to Rich Table for the comfortable atmosphere and would be curious to try the sardine chips, snap peas with honey mustard and pork belly panzanella with charred strawberry vinaigrette.

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