Citizen’s Band, SOMA, San Francisco

Citizen’s Bank is a restaurant in SOMA our friends have recommended for the baked mac and cheese. They forewarned us that the service can be unenthusiastic and apathetic, so our expectations were low. We ordered several glasses of pinot noir for $8 each as we decided what items to accompany the famous mac and cheese.


To counteract the heaviness of the mac, we decided on some vegetables and split the beet salad, goat cheese and greens salad topped with shavings of parmesean cheese for $9. The salad was a nice start the meal, but quite frankly, nothing spectacular or memorable.


The Mac and Cheese was one of the most decadent wedges of baked macaroni we have ever eaten. It was covered with cheddar funduta (like a rich bechamel)l onion rings and grated cheese for  $8. This dish is a definite must share. It is very memorable and truly good.


To top it off, we ordered the fried chicken for $21. The buttermilk battered chicken with Martin farms mixed chicories, Pinkie’s buttermilk biscruit, Mr. combover soma honey and bacon coffee gravy was another indulgent dish. The fried chicken was juicy, but the crust is better elsewhere. we enjoyed the greens and sweet and flakey biscuit.


We definitely did not have room for dessert, but had perfect sized, and complimentary sweet of mini chocolate chip cookie. We would highly suggest Citizen’s Band for the mac and cheese wedge and thought our service was solid too. Friendly, thorough and attentive.


Citizen's Band on Urbanspoon

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