TBD Restaurant, SOMA, San Francisco

TBD Restaurant is the sister restaurant of A16 in SOMA and is still a semi new-comer to the neighborhood. We were very curious by the campfire camping themed restaurant. We were even more intrigued by the pricing rubric is organized into 4 categories (or by number of triangles $6, $12, $18, $24).        _MG_9902

The menu is divided into the following categories Raw, smoked, hearth and embers, grill, plancha and sweet. Loved that they were divided by the types of cooking process._MG_9880

We sat in the upstairs bar seating area which oversaw the kitchen and the whole “fire area”. Truly entertaining to watch the chefs preparing and adjusting the cooking temperatures at a turn of the wheel and by adding additional firewood. _MG_9881

While waiting, we enjoyed several beverages. From the Loopholes (non-alcoholic section) we enjoyed the Grilled Lemonade (the grill or charred lemon flavor was not prevalent or even noticeable, just less tangy). We also enjoyed a  Reissdorf Kolsch $6 daught beer.  _MG_9885

We were so excited to see two cast iron pans set in front of us, the buttered bread with seaweed for $6 and the arepa for $6.

We just had to start the toasted bread, culture butter with  coastal seaweeds. This is a must get dish at TBD. The bread is earthy and slathered in cultured butter. What is really special is the pods of seaweed that have pockets of seawater that burst in your mouth. It is the sea salty part that seasons the butter to make a sea salt butter. Ingenious and texturally entertaining for $6._MG_9887The arepa was nicely charred and covered in cave aged cheese and hedgehog mushrooms. Cozy and very satisfying.     _MG_9889

lf you like seafood and tangy flavors, the leeks rolled in coals buttermilk and oyster “verde” was quite tasty for $12. There was the pungent buttermilk which went well with the herbal bits with the oyster. We really enjoyed the leeks and was perfectly soft, nicely charred and flavorful._MG_9893

Our real favorite dish was the carrots for $12. The heirloom carrots were just so perfectly prepared and served with spouted lentils and a white sesame tahini. This was just so filling, so flavorful and we could have ordered another one! Must get.

_MG_9898For dessert we went for the sft serve ice cream, which is a  different flavor every week for $6. That evening we enjoyed a lavender, sea salt chocolate flavored soft serve and it was nicely floral and perfectly sweet and salty. Would definitely order a tub of this stuff for home._MG_9900

Again we really enjoyed our more vegetarian oriented meal at TBD and highly suggest the coastal seaweed bread and heirloom carrots to any patron. The chicken feet clip board was a clever end to the meal. Fun design and decor at TBD._MG_9901   TBD on Urbanspoon

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